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My name is Erin Esposito Peron and I believe in the practice of yoga. For almost twenty years, it has been a staple of my life and it is really all about love-of the self, of the world around us and of the present moment. Yoga is a science and a discipline with transformative power and healing potential. Awareness through breath and movement can align the body and mind towards ease and contentment. Through the yogic arts, we become more fluent in our body, more at peace in our mind and free in our hearts.

I began to teach yoga in 2004 in New York City and after relocating to Cleveland, Ohio, I’ve continued my teaching and practice in studios, community centers and schools. I earned my 200 Hour Yoga Alliance accreditation through Sonic Yoga in 2004, and have additional trainings with Cyndi Lee of Om Yoga, Jenny Otto of Body Balance Yoga, Max Strom and Elena Brower.  I also hold certifications in Radiant Child Yoga with Shakta Khalsa, Levels I & II (2005), Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage, Level I (2010) and Move with Me Yoga Adventures with Leah Kalish (2015).

My background is as an artist; theater, visual, and music; however, it is the yogic arts that captured my soul. My greater work is to take my practice into schools to connect all kids to their bodies and their breath which arms them with greater learning and problem solving skills. It is a practice to slow down and make enough space to see clearly ahead. Yoga’s reach is not merely in twisting our limbs in different directions, but in uniting a person with themselves, despite age, culture or faith. It gives possibility. I hope to practice with you.

One thought on “My Practice

  1. dan

    Hiiiii Errrrriiiinn! I just found this page on my safari grid, Love it! I really enjoyed reading every post you had up here. And, although we are fam and have known each other for years, I felt like I got to learn even more about you through these readings. Keep up the great work and spirit. Love to you and all you influence, see ya soon!



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