This is Home


As the beginning of the calendar starts again,  I am inspired to be working closer to home, a renewal of how I spend my time in the community that I choose to live. This helps me to slow down and stay on a even path without running in too many directions, which is easy to do in our modern times despite a mindful try.

Home is also a concept that comes into play when I step onto my yoga mat or stop and take pause. It reminds me to tune back into the only truth that we really know- our next breath. Home is in these breaths and they define the deeper level of connection to ourselves.

As the daylight subtly lengthens to once again transform our surroundings, consider slowing down enough to speak from the heart and to listen for its vibration calling you right back to home. To the frequency of a breath, the pulse of the heart and the balance of our nature.

CLASSES- Winter 2016

Abide Yoga : 

Monday- 9:30-10:30 AM: Slow Flow: Take ‘Er Easy

Thursday: 9:30-10:45: Abide Vinyasa: Some Kind of Eastern Thing


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