The practice isn’t broken

“Yoga is broken.”, I have heard.

“Bastardized gymnastics”, says the offended.

Yoga pants are a Western cultural caste system.

The images of yoga are not connected to the lessons.

At the root is the practice. The art. The technology. The discipline. The wonder. It cannot be compared to playing an instrument; however, one could argue that you may equally find the untouchable in both the music and the movement.

It is easy to be cynical of something that you do not understand. Its forms and functions may not ever embrace your spirit and that is where the art and practice of yoga compels so many people. Millions of Westerners practice the ancient and once fiercely guarded secrets of yoga with an indifferent attitude and unawareness for the pathway into transformation.

There are many places to get your information nowadays, but none better than getting in touch with your own intuition and letting that guide the limbs of a yoga practice. If you seek more zen, become your own teacher and find more space to open to possibilities. If you want to reach greater physical strength and balance, embed yourself in a classical discipline and go from there with knowledge.

The practice is not broken, but bendable, supple, available, transformative. If it is truly acknowledged.

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