Life of Ease

    Don’t get me wrong. I know life isn’t easy. I am not supposing that it is. In fact, if we look at those who have and have a lot, I suppose they would still say that life is in fact, not easy. However, there are people who we can look to who are able to live a life of ease. Difficult things happen to them; they find ease. Tragedies surround them, still at ease. They can be poor, middle class or wealthy but they are rich with ease.

     Goodness is a part of a life of ease. I believe that we are all born with innate goodness and even in difficult times, have access to that goodness. We have the ability to remind ourselves and those around us that compassion, gratitude, health, healing and most of all love are the center of our goodness. Calmness and feeling content are a practice. We practice yoga to become aware of the body which lives in tandem with the mind and emotions and then we are able to sit. Just sit and be still. We can bring anything to us. We ground and enlighten at the same time.

     Finding softness is another avenue to finding a life of ease. Here is a thought: our heart itself is soft. We build around it an egglike shell which holds our connections, our loves, our angers, our ego and when something shifts and a crack begins, we find that we don’t have to be hard because we know our heart is at its core soft. By heart, I mean the seat of our mental abilities and emotions. When a shift or a sorrow occurs, we attend to the repairs and grow a different shell, so we may heal and feel strong once again. We could even build it back without ego. 

     Different scholars and philosophers will focus on a threefold type of attention- physical, mental and emotional and cite these as the paths towards clarity and contentment. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who is credited with the term, “sitting practice of meditation” shaped meditation from just philosophy and religion to a practice and exploration of consciousness. He taught that when you are too heavy on intellect, you ignore your emotional life. If emotions run the show in an exaggerated manner, you lose insight. When you “bring together emotion and insight… insight becomes more emotional and emotion becomes more insightful”. That insight helps us remember the innate softness of our emotional body and how that can be expressed even in the physical body.

     Being brave enough to live in the present moment is part of a life of ease. Awareness and attention is an art. There is practice, there is stepping back, there is stepping forward and going towards things that scare you. Awareness leads to truthfulness and from that place, you redefine your definition of abundance and start addressing it in the present. “Truth is always here. It is already the case”, Richard Miller, Ph.D., reminds us. We all have heartfelt prayers or wishes. Welcome them into your conscious mind. In realty, there is only the timeless now. The present tense. 

     So, can our own goodness, our softness towards emotional insight and simply remembering to live in the present moment actually create a life of ease? Are there other more important factors, like financial comfortability, accessing a network of progressive thinkers, the right location to take a seat? Could it really be that simple? To breathe, to become aware, to sit with our thoughts without judging them? Could we really just heal ourselves by attending to our gratitude, our health and our compassion? I think it is worth a try. I am choosing a forum to share my writing and it feels foreign to me. But in that strangeness, I feel tolerance and compassion, to spread whatever thread of truth and tradition that I have happened upon. Namaste. 

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